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Transformer efficiency

Monitor, analyze and calculate transformers voltage, current, phase angle, power, power factor, loading history of transformer, as per IEC models.


Bushing tan delta test


Capture winding and oil (top, middle & bottom) temperature with +/- 0.1 degree accuracy. Display oil & winding temperature history.


Monitor and analyze moisture in oil with +/- 2 per cent accuracy

Tap changer

Display tap position


Capture oil temperature, winding temperature, bucholz relay, pressure relief valve, OLTC surge relay and differential trip


Facilitate user to receive SMS/E-Mail for all the monitored parameters.

Web enabled monitoring

Enable user to view various parameters of transformer and substation with real time monitoring.

Gas analysis

Measure and analyze seven dissolved gases with 2% accuracy


System - level Benefits

  • Smart Loading assistance

  • Transformer Life Management - Online Transformer ageing curve.

  • Cooling efficiency & Cooling Fan power control management

  • Remote real-time monitoring

  • True gas components analyzer at site, in hourly basis

  • Visualization of behaving trends by interpretable charts on various parameters-Enhanced

User - Level Benefits

  • Reduced Power Outage

  • Decrease in Operational Cost

  • Extended Transformer Life

  • Safer Work Environment

  • Effective Asset Management

  • Step towards Unmanned Sub-stations

Critical Transformer Data Display & Alarms

  • Power parameters (Energy consumed, Voltage, Power Factor Phase Angle, Current, KW, KVAR, KVA)

  • Tap oil & bottom oil temperature

  • Hot spot temperature – as per IEC standard

  • Bushing PF

  • Core temperature

  • HV & LV winding temperature

  • Tap changer position

  • OLTC stuck indication & oil level

  • Cooling system efficiency

  • Fans (On/Off)

  • Fan failure status

  • Pumps operation+

  • Moisture – oil & water activity

The alarms for any of the above parameters can be set as per user requirement. The measures data is utilized for diagnosing the transformer efficiency using analytical derivations based on IEC 60076-7.

The following diagnostic parameters can be inferred from the calculations

  • Real time load ability

  • Winding hot spot temperature

  • Ultimate tap oil temperature

  • Oil circulation pump failure

  • Online tan delta for bushing

  • Cooling system efficiency

  • Water activity