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Nuratech’s Enhanced Customer Experience Platform enables retailers to derive customer shopping patterns, product sales patterns, shelf space utilization patterns, cross selling and up selling combinations. This helps to enhance customer experience, revenue, reduction is pilferage, customer base and ability to drive customer satisfaction time and again. Operational efficiency can also be achieved as valuable data is collected by using a network of smart electronic shelf labels installed in the stores.

  • Crisp high definition displays

  • Accurate price propagation offered by secured two way communication

  • Real time and scheduled control price, customer experience, shelf space management

  • Inventory Management

  • Enhanced customer experience – additional product info, knowing your customer, Giving them the experience they desire

  • Interactive & engaging second screen info and ads

  • Easy product search with guided route map to reach to the desired product in the shortest time.

  • Social sharing, mobile checkouts, virtual shopping carts.

  • Targeted ads, Cross selling & up-selling, shoppers heat map.


  • Centralized price label management

  • Reduced stationary cost

  • Reduced labor cost for price label management

  • Higher accuracy of prices, avoid price mismatch

  • Agile control over POS systems

  • Attractive rich text and creative graphics

  • Control on stock and reduce wastage

  • Address over stocking – optimized shelf space

  • Ability to display additional product information like how-to guides, Nutrition benefits, Specifications thereby reducing sale turn around time

  • Engaging with customers

  • Enhance customer experience by helping them find their product, recommending products based on customer buying history & express shopping

  • Personalized offers and pricing increases customer loyalty

  • Enhance revenue by targeted ads, cross selling and upselling and increased staff efficiency