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Leverage Site Intelligence to Anticipate, Identify, and Mitigate Issues Faster and Eliminate Downtimes.

An IOIT based, device-agnostic solution, Nuratech Lab's Remote Tower Management System (RTMS) helps telecom tower companies cut their opex by 10 to 20%.

Through integrated, continuous event monitoring, remote processing and controlling of event-generated data, RTMS helps combat poor grid power supply, operational leakages, diesel pilferage and equipment vandalism that leads to soaring OPEX costs.

SLA & Downtime Management

Manage SLA with minimal downtime via proactive monitoring and instant response during critical down time. Integrate the machine data with field force mobile app for the site engineers and O & M partner in real time.

Surveillance & Security

Monitor the site 24/7 for movement of human and animals and identify movements without authorization and generate alerts and alarms for intrusion and hazards using RFID/BIO metric and geo fenced camera analytic methods.

Environment Monitoring

Monitor Environmental Variables like Temperature, Fire, Gas etc. and control the equipment like HVAC, Fire Alarm, Water pumps etc. automatically or from central control centre in real time to ensure optimum environmental conditions are maintained at the site for assets.

Asset Management

Proactively monitor asset health and perform predictive maintenance for both active and passive assets for presence and efficiency.

Diesel Genset Monitoring

Monitor diesel generators for fuel levels, tampering, theft and automatically switch generators on/off depending on the power outage conditions and price of power with integration with energy meters and power sources.

Energy Management

Automatic Control of Power Sources and optimize energy consumption like battery, diesel genset, solar, wind and grid power depending on linear controlling algorithm which choose power depends on the site specific power outage history and pattern.


Commerical Fuel Cost Saving

Manpower & Logistics Cost Saving

Equipment Maintenance Cost Saving

Telephone cell tower sites from a centralized location is becoming increasingly difficult with expanding networks, increasing OPEX and significant security threats. Poor maintenance of assets and non-visibility on energy consumption is adding to the complexity to manage it from remote. Profits are getting leaner and SLAs tighter making O & M activity a tiresome task.

Benefits of Nuratech RTMS

  • Enhanced security at Remote Sites

  • Centralized monitoring of fuel level, pilferage and prevention of theft

  • Proactive and preventive asset Maintenance and management

  • Centralized Power Source Management

  • Adherence of Tight SLA

  • Effective downtime Management