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  • Increasing competitions, reducing margins.

  • Necessity to achieve 100% network up time.

  • Remote site locations – high lead time for maintenance.

  • Increasing cost of hardware maintenance.

  • Increasing cost of skilled manpower.

  • Security and safety of assets at remote sites.

  • Necessity to achieve high output with reduced operation cost.

  • Necessity to retain and increase customer base.


Remote Tower Management System

Remote Tower Management System is a comprehensive remote IOIT based Telecom Tower Monitoring Solution. The system can monitor remote devices of various types and interfaces configured via Nuratech’s IOIT platform. RTMS can be interfaced with analog or digital sensors and configured for various operational and monitoring control.

RTMS system has provision to take a decision in the case of emergency depending on the configurations and pattern history. RTMS has the capacity to learn the critical system components and become intelligent over a period of time.

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  • Digital immaturity

  • A variety of distributed systems, lack of a common consolidation platform

  • Lack of methodical control on distribution, consumption, leakage, energy accounting & demand forecasting

  • Poor consumer energy planning due to lack of visibility on usage, peak and lean hour charges

  • Remote site locations – high lead time for maintenance.

  • Expensive hardware

  • High downtime impact

  • Increasing cost of hardware maintenance.

  • Increasing cost of skilled manpower.

  • Security and safety of assets at remote sites.

  • The necessity to achieve high output with reduced operation cost.


Smart Grid Management Solution

Nuratech Smart Grid Management Solution connects with power grids, substations, solar power stations to monitor equipment like transformers, turbines and other critical equipment to capture device specific operational data like bushing parameters, electrical parameters, temperature, Oil levels, Gas levels, fuel levels etc. The data is then transferred to Nuratech’s cloud SGMS platform to monitor, control and define operational activities centrally

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Nuratech’s AMI completes the power supply chain digitization circle by seamlessly integrating with SGMS. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) takes greater control over energy costs and a more reliable energy supply for consumers.

Energy meter helps utilities to have a track of how much energy is been distributed from the grid and consumed at the endpoint. This, in turn, enables precise energy accounting, demand forecasting and streamlining grid operations. Smart metering enables consumers to get energy info from utilities on their usage pattern and peak hour pricing. This also helps them inefficient billing and energy planning.


  • Heavy security and surveillance requirement to reduce pilferage, maintain operational sanity & asset security.

  • Need for constant process innovation.

  • Heavy power and fuel consumption. Challenge to maintain OPEX balance.

  • Never ending demand to enhance dispatching ability to beat price fluctuation curve.

  • High downtime impact.

  • Increasing cost of hardware maintenance.

  • Lack of comprehensive, robust and scalable pit to consumer solution that can drive operational optimization and increased control on end to end process.

  • High data churn and need for comprehensive data analytics for precise forecasting and efficient planning.

  • Complex Man, Machine and Material movement operations.

  • Complex multiple vendor ecosystems.

  • The critical time to market and cost to market influence on the bottom line.


Integrated Transport Management System

Nuratech ITMS is a comprehensive solution that simplifies business critical processes in supply chain & material movement. It provides a common platform for sales, logistics, outbound, inbound, service delivery & vendor management processes. Thus leading to synchronized and efficient operations.

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HEMM Monitoring and Maintenance

Mining is a machine intensive industry, any downtime has a high impact on operations. Nuratech HEMM Monitoring and Maintenance solution enables proactive monitoring before problems arise, using machine sensors to monitor real-time environmental and performance indicators. Alerts captured with telematics technology combined with warranty claims information enable preventive maintenance.

Fuel Management System

The mining industry is one of the major consumers of fuel. Approximately 30-35% of OPEX is towards fuel. Nuratech FMS helps reduce fuel pilferage and prevent malpractices to reduce fuel costs by 25%. FMS enables fuel monitoring at fixed bunks, Mobile browser, Storage Tanks, Truck fuel consumption and Genset fuel consumption.

Manless Weighbridges and Access control systems

Weighted is a very critical step in any supply chain process, human interference reduces operational efficiency. Nuratech has deployed manless weighbridges at large manufacturing and mining units which enable them to capture weighment, map weighment to the respective material movement process, integrate with ERP systems without compromising on the control that a human would have if any problem arises while weighment. The entire wieghment process can be monitored live from centralized control centers.

Biometric authentication and alcohol sensing

Biometric authentication and alcohol sensing at security gates is another point where human interference adds no value to any organization. Nuratech’s automized access gates with inbuilt biometric and alcohol sensors provide the advantage of managing manless access control systems from centralized control centers. Reducing human intervention from access control systems means reducing costs and increasing operational governance.


  • Large distributed hardware network, lack of common gateway to integrate all

  • Never ending demand of infrastructure to process increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data

  • Large complexity to integrate various monitoring systems like power distribution, water distribution, traffic management & building management to build a unified smart city platform.

  • Complex Man, Machine & Methods data model

  • Need of shorter data processing turn around time for efficient and effective systems

  • High impact of system downtime

  • Vast and distributed maintenance perimeter


Building Management Solution

Nuratech BMS is a comprehensive home, building, office & warehouse management solution. With a network of smart nuratech gateways, BMS helps manage and monitor building temperature, power consumption patterns, environmental parameters, demand response, safety & fire alarms, failure detection and early warning systems. It also enables smart offices to enhance their occupant experience, asset and ROI management, Staff productivity management, meeting room and productivity scheduling.

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  • Increasing shift of market share to online stores.

  • Retain and grow customer base

  • Meet increasing customer demand for shopping experience and choices.

  • Reducing profit margins, increasing pilferage

  • Increasing cost of skilled manpower

  • Arriving at the right formula to optimize shelf space utilization


Enhanced Customer Experience Platform

Nuratech’s Enhanced Customer Experience Platform enables retailers to drive customer shopping patterns, product sales patterns, shelf space utilization patterns, cross selling and up selling combinations. This helps to enhance customer experience, revenue, the reduction is pilferage, customer base and ability to drive customer satisfaction time and again. Operational efficiency can also be achieved as valuable data is collected by using a network of smart electronic shelf labels installed in the stores.

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As demand shifts and pricing remains volatile, the oil and gas industry has faced significant challenges across all aspects of the business, including operations, revenue/profit margins, and environmental sustainability.

The industry holds a unique set of complexities that can lead to a multitude of setbacks. Reserves are drying out, forcing companies to move their operations to more remote and therefore difficult to monitor locations. Analyzing and gathering data in more remote settings makes it harder to produce real-time feedback and results. Consequently, there is a lack of operational insight, resulting in missed opportunities to use data to make business-critical decisions that impact the bottom line.

The following is the need of the hour

  • Identify minor problems before they become major

  • Digital maturity

  • Simply maintenance process and reduce the downtime

  • Collect data to inform key decisions

  • Avoid safety hazards and losses due to fuel leaks

  • Increase environmental efficiency.


Operation Management System

Nuratech OMS is an integrated platform enabling users to harness the potential of field data from distributed machines & Sensors by capturing them, applying them the custom build processes and rules and build an information system that drives the organization towards operational optimization.

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