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Ravi Govindan


Mr Ravindran Govindan is a consummate serial entrepreneur with a track record spanning over 40 years. Ravi practiced as a solicitor at the Supreme Court of Singapore and grew his law practice into a multi-partnership firm. Thereafter, he became an accomplished property developer of over 80 projects in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia before taking on the position of the Group President, Fisher Scientific Asia Pacific. Ravi undertook several Acquisitions and Mergers for the Thermo Fisher Group where he honed the skill of doing business with the emerging Asian giants of China, India and Indonesia.

His experience and understanding of capital markets in Asia and Australasia is much sought after and he provides strategic advice to several companies including Latona Associates, the owners of Thermo Fisher.  Over the last 15 years of his leadership, he spearheaded IPO & RTO of 6 companies on the Australian and Singapore Stock Exchanges and served on the Board of over 100 companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and USA.

Since 2006, Ravi focused his energies on Mercatus Capital, the vehicle through which he taps the financial resources and business acumen of over 20 Asian High Network individuals to provide Angel Funding and Incubation Services to aspiring entrepreneurs in the region. With an eye for paradigm shifting technologies and a management team that has the capability to take a company global, Ravi has provided seed funding and incubation to more than 80 companies in the region.

Inherent acute business sense, strong leadership and insurmountable passion are some elements that drive his directorship in Nuratech Labs as an Innovation Enabler.  With all eyes to perpetuate growth for and value creation in the company, he crafts strategies bringing Nuratech Labs into the regional market in no time and set foot in the international business to become a global player.  His fearlessness challenges business rethinking that nurtures CEO leadership that will sustain future growth in Nuratech Labs. 

Arun Arumugam

Founder and Managing Director

Arun is the founder and Managing Director of Nuratech Group. Arun has been a Technocrat from his age of 15 and had worked with various institutions and R & D labs.  During this period Arun has invented some major breakthrough technology in Software Cloning, Organic Cell computing and optical data processing that is currently being pursued as Nuratech Labs. 

 Arun holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Anna University Chennai with 10+ years of IT experience as Team Player, Project lead, Director in Planning, Architecture & Design, Software/Hardware Development, Operational Processes, Roll Out, Requirement analysis, and Project Management. Arun decided to set the vision of making an Intelligent planet and has been implementing systems with human like intelligence.

Arun has dedicated himself towards creating a world renowned multibillion global enterprise which can touch each and every ones life through technology and intelligence. 

Easwar Ramaswamy

Chief Operation Officer

Easwar(amoorthy) Ramaswamy is an accomplished engineering professional having more than 33 years of experience in the IT Industry. He has served in a large public sector organization in South India and later major MNCs in IT Consulting arena delivering services to Fortune 100 clients. He was Delivery Head & Vice-President at EDS India/Mphasis where he was heading the Government industry vertical. Easwar was instrumental in setting up a large offshore delivery setup, spread across multiple locations, to deliver IT services for the first major European Government client to move work offshore. His earlier portfolio included offshore delivery services to major clients in Manufacturing, Retail and Banking domains. Easwar has also shouldered various organizational roles and contributed to different initiatives.

Easwar’s later part of the career included international assignment with Tentacle Technologies MSC Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia-based IT organization as its Global Delivery Head. He helped Tentacle to roll out processes and build teams to deliver products and services for its clients.

Easwar has his core expertise in Program delivery, Client Relationship Management, Building large teams, helping to improve processes for Delivery and People Care, Skills Assessment, Mentoring & Personal Coaching.

Purush Konar

Chief Information Officer

Purush(ottam) Konar is a post graduate in computer applications with over 17 plus years of experience in enterprise solution design and implementation.  Extensive experience in structured system analysis and design and has lead many major ERP implementations across the globe.  Successfully implemented turnkey solutions in CRM, Order Management, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Installed base for Global Giants across the following verticals

  • Telematics
  • Mining
  • Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Waste management
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Food & Hospitality