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Company/entity configurations, products/raw material setup, hardware setup, BOM configurations, proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance console. Touch point, route setup. Rules, condition and workflow setup. Alert and notification setup. User management module management. Report configurations, dashboard configuration, integration with third party systems and ERP configurations.

Sales & Logistics

Management of sales order, STO's in process. Monthly/weekly/daily dispatch forecast. Management of dispatch and internal movement of material schedules and activities. Heap management and SLOC consolidation


Management of material movement required for production. Management of production batches, schedules and movement of finished good. Management of finished good screening


Management of batches for chemical analysis. Integration of raw material and finished good chemical analysis with sales & logistics and inbound modules.

Lab Extension

Management of PO's in process. Monthly/weekly/daily inbound forecast. Management of inbound of material schedules and activities. Heap management and SLOC consolidation.

Customer Portal

Management of customer contracts and details, Sales Order details, Dispatch schedules, Proof of delivery, Returns, Invoice.

Vendor & Transporter Portal

Management of transporter contracts, details and rates. Allocation of truck requirement tasks, uploading of vehicles, barge, container details against assigned tasks, management of fleet, drivers & invoices.

Control Center, Dashboard & Reports

Management of integration points, data recovery, process compliance, deviations, alerts, notifications, tasks, process specific dashboards & reports


Cost Reduction

  • Manpower

  • Pilferage

Efficient Operation

  • Live Insight on ongoing processes

  • Ability to dynamically business processes

  • Ability to track business critical data on the go

  • Reduced Turn Around Time Maximum production to maximized dispatching

  • Assured checks and balances leading to assured profitibility

Safety and Reliability

  • Minimum human intervention

  • Maximized Automation

  • Proactive preventive maintenance of hardwares and sensors