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Nuratech OMS is an integrated platform enabling users to harness the potential of field data from distributed machines & sensors by capturing them, applying them the custom build processes and rules and build an information system that drives the organization towards operational optimization.

Operational Integrity

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Pipeline and equipment monitoring

  • Emissions monitoring and control and release management

  • Location intelligence

Upstream and Downstream Operations

  • Upstream and downstream operations

  • Real-time machine and sensor integration

  • Real-time alerts

  • Link to enterprise resource planning(ERP) data to trigger maintenance workflow

  • Plant dashboards and trend analysis

  • Asset information network

  • Fleet operations monitoring


  • Proactive and preventive maintenance with reduced human intervention

  • Achieve digital control and centralization

  • Simply maintenance process and reduction of down time

  • Data driven business decisions

  • Enhance productivity, predictability and accountability

  • Achieve safety and cost reduction

  • Environmental efficiency