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We create Software Defined Things

The Internet of Intelligent Things (IOIT) is the super set of IoT where a network of physical objects collects and exchanges data with real time machine learning inbuilt at the hardware level which helps the overall self intelligent networks and systems.

IoIT enables machines to take decisions on critical conditions depending on the historic pattern of diagnosis and resolutions. It also learns the environment and system in which it is operating helping it to restrict its proportionality with other systems and sensors.

Our Software Defined Things engine removes the abstraction from Man, Machine and Methods by building robust data relation and converting data into meaningful information.



    Synchronized Control and Monitoring of Devices Platform.

    A fully configurable middleware IOIT Operating system delivered as a platform, enabling a variety of IOT devices to get connected with standard or customized protocols, codecs and standards with utmost data handling efficiency and accuracy.

  • DNA Framework

    Cloud-based IOT Application Generator

    A platform independent automated application generator. Consists of a configuration and workflow engine that enables business users to easily develop customized UI, DB and Business logic. Also, enables easy Testing, Deployment, and Documentation of the application.


    Cloud-based self-configurable Data Analytics engine

    Nuratech's Intelligent Variable Information Distillation System (NIVIDS)

    Enables you to easily build a well-defined relational data map of business-critical data. A self-configurable data analytics engine to build business specific dashboards and analytical reports. Helps you realize the potential of your data and achieve operational optimization.


Benefits of Nuratech IOIT Platform

  • Cost Effective

    Compared to Industrial IOIT providers Nuratech IOIT is just HALF THE PRICE with twice the benefits.

  • Great Design

    Nuratech IOIT is specially designed for mission critical industrial application which can with stand dynamic process changes at with a click away. Completely modular which helps customer to choose what they want.

  • Scalable Data

    Nuratech IOIT is designed to handle big data at hardware level without server hit. Nuratech IOIT has the capacity to handle as much as 2.4 million records per device per second which can be analysed and controlled realtime.

  • Data security is paramount. It is ensured by

    • Device, user authentication and registration
    • Role-based permissions
    • Encryption
    • Audit and reporting
  • Customised Dashboard

    Nuratech IOIT provides comprehensive customisable dashboard options to the customer with real time management with both synchronous and asynchronous data management from multiple data sources.

How Nuratech IOIT platform works